We introduce iWalk2.0 that completes our range of top products for injuries and conditions of the feet and lower legs.

This is a truly intelligent product that frees your hands so that you can move around freely and live almost normally.

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A better alternative

With a handsfree-crutch , you can also climb up or down stairs! This is not possible with a knee scooter and difficult with conventional crutches. Additionally, you can carry something in your free or liberated hands with a handsfree-crutch (one hand is used to hold the handrail).

Since you maintain a steady but light amount of pressure on the injured leg this promotes continued blood circulation. You can also maintain balance and muscle strength in the leg better than with conventional ambulatory aids such as arm – crutches, or at worst a wheelchair.

Contraindication or unsuitability for use of this product applies if you can not put weight on your knee for some reason or do not have a sufficient balance. In the event that you have very impaired balance, a knee-scooter might be a better solution.

Greater mobility and freedom during your rehabilitation

iWalk2.0 is a hands-free crutch that allows you to walk and move around without using your hands ensuring that no extra pressure is put on the injured foot. The product is easy to assemble, attach to the leg and learn how to use!

You can carry things and stand or walk without putting pressure on your hands and arms. You can walk your dog or carry a cup of coffee allowing you to work while standing up such as in a shop or as a hairdresser.

Overload Damage due to ordinary crutches , such as hand pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain can be completely eliminated. All that is needed are a few simple balancing exercises to get you started!