If your doctor says that you can´t use your food for a number of weeks, we offer the possibility to rent a Roll-a-bout.


You rent on the website, e-mail or phone. Please notify which side your injury is located. (Note: It is essential to adjust the length of the knee board and handlebar before use)

Delivery straight to your door

Choose in advance how many weeks you want to rent the device. (Minimum 4 weeks) Your debit- or credit card will be charged the same day we ship or when you place your order online. The rental period starts from the day you recieve the shipment. In deposit is needed. Our rental roll-a-bouts are constantly maintained so that you can trust it to be fully functional.

Use as long as you need

Use the walking aid as long as you need it. If the initial rental period ends, you can just continue to use the product and we will charge you by the week.


When it is time to return the roll-a-bout, place it in the same carton as it arrived in. Fill in the return note and call Schenker for pickup. Alternatively drop it off at your local Schenker service center.

End of rental period

After we recieve the returned item we will inspect it and adjust your payment. That is how easy it is!