About us

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About the company

Throughout my carrier I have visited a multitude of clinics and practices overseas picking up new and innovative ideas within the field of foot surgery.

It was during one of these such trips to Seattle in the United States I took note of the abundance of returning patients arriving at the clinic with the help of a Roll-A-Bout. Without hesitation I immediately contacted the company and have since then prescribed Roll-A-Bout to patients at Sophiahemmet in a number of ways. Soon after my partner Angela and I established Rolln’stroll AB in order to introduce knee scooters throughout Sweden and Scandinavia.

The founders

Per-Henrik Ågren:Orthopedic Specialist and Foot Surgeon at Sophiahemmet, M.D. 1981, Orthopedic Specialist 1989.

Angela Stangel: Dentist working both at the University and running a private practice.